Cookbook author blames food allergy for his health

Unhealthy cooking oil is to blame for a British man’s health issues, according to his book, The Unhealthiest Cooking Oil.

He has been diagnosed with allergies to wheat, dairy, soy and eggs, and said he’s been taking antihistamines to treat his allergies.

In the book, titled The Unhealthy Cooking Oil, published by HarperCollins in September, the author blames unhealthy cooking oils for his symptoms and tells the reader to use only organic cooking oils instead.

“I’ve had it up to here with wheat, so now I’ve got to switch to the organic ones.

I think it’s probably gluten, because wheat has gluten in it,” he says.”

My allergist has been telling me gluten causes a whole host of conditions, so I have to use organic baking oil.”

But while he admits he’s not 100 per cent gluten free, he said he believes the health effects of the food he eats could be a factor in his condition.

“The thing is that I’ve never had an allergy before, so it was not really my fault that I have one.

It was the environment that I was raised in and the food I was eating,” he told The Telegraph.

“So if I was just exposed to gluten, I don’t think it would be a problem.”

In a statement, a spokesperson for HarperCollins said: “We know the world is changing, and as consumers we want to be able to have healthy choices when buying food and the environment.”

As the food and environment sector evolves, we will be reviewing the food label to reflect the changing needs of the world.

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