‘The problem with Christmas is Christmas is not Christmas’: How Australia’s holiday is being used as a distraction

This is the first in a series of blog posts on the ‘Christmas distraction’ crisis in Australia.

It looks at how Christmas is being misused as a diversion from Australia’s priorities and challenges.

Christmas distraction is an Australian term used to describe the widespread use of Christmas as a Christmas distraction.

The term originated in the United Kingdom and was first used in the US by the US television station Fox News.

It has since spread across the US to include a wide range of other outlets and brands.

In Australia, the term ‘Christmas diversion’ has gained popularity with many businesses, including major retailers like Woolworths, Coles, Qantas, CVS, Aussie Post, and more.

The phrase is also often used to promote the marketing of Australian products overseas.

“Christmas diversion” is a term that many businesses use to describe how they are marketing products and services that are not Australian, and are not aligned with the holiday in Australia, as well as a number of other products and activities.

The consumer has no idea they are being sold something made in a country that does not have the same Christmas holidays as Australia.

They have no idea that the product is made in the same place as the products they are purchasing.

The word Christmas is also commonly used to refer to a holiday where Australians spend their Christmas without actually going to Christmas.

The word Christmas has been used to explain the difference between Christmas and New Year’s Day, and in Australia it is also used to differentiate between the two days.

In the US, it is used to mean Christmas Day or New Year Day.

For many businesses the Christmas distraction is a problem and a huge problem.

Businesses have had to adapt and adapt quickly to adapt to a growing market that has become increasingly dependent on a new and increasingly lucrative Christmas sales and marketing campaign.

Many retailers and businesses have been struggling to adapt, and many are not even using the Christmas diversion correctly.

Australia is not a Christmas destination, and not in the way many people think of it.

The holiday is a holiday with a lot of symbolism and significance.

When Australians travel to New Zealand and the US they are doing so for the same reasons Australians are: to celebrate the birth of a new nation, or to celebrate a milestone in the development of a particular product.

While many Australians are happy to celebrate their country’s birthdays with family and friends, many Australians travel abroad to celebrate New Year and Christmas.

However, in Australia the Christmas holiday is not celebrated on Christmas Day, or any other day of the year.

It is celebrated on December 31.

This has led to many businesses not being able to keep up with demand.

The Christmas diversion is not only damaging to Australia’s economy, it also undermines the holiday, and negatively impacts the Australian economy.

Some businesses have responded to the Christmas crisis by rebranding and marketing their products to appeal to consumers who are not going to be celebrating Christmas.

This strategy is also being used by many other countries around the world.

In this post, I look at the marketing strategy that is being taken by Australia’s leading brands and businesses.

First, the Australian Christmas diversion: Australia’s Christmas diversion and why it is a crisis The Christmas diversion has been a problem for some businesses for a long time.

It started in the 1980s when Australian supermarkets and retailers began to introduce the sale of Australian-made products, including food, toys, clothing, and household goods, in an attempt to draw shoppers away from Christmas and the traditional Australian culture.

There were a number small-scale businesses that attempted to sell their products in Australia during the Christmas period, but they were unsuccessful.

The majority of the stores closed their doors during the holiday period.

As the Christmas lull approached, the number of businesses that were selling Australian-produced products began to grow rapidly.

In 2002, the New South Wales Liquor Commission found that over the past 10 years, approximately 1.3 million Australians had visited a Liquor Company Australia store.

In 2004, the Liquor and Gaming Commission of Australia found that, over the same period, 1.6 million Australians visited Liquor Stores Australia stores.

By 2007, this number had increased to 2.2 million Australians visiting Liquor & Gaming Australia stores per year.

With the advent of online sales, the Christmas distractions were replaced by the sale and promotion of Australian goods, which were being sold on the internet.

Australians were forced to use a new marketing strategy to compete with the international competition.

Now, a growing number of Australian businesses are trying to capitalize on this global consumer trend.

Australian businesses have developed their own marketing strategies to attract customers away from the Christmas holidays, such as: The Australian Christmas distraction: A look at some of the big players in the Australian market, including Coles and Woolworth’sThe Australian shopping mall: The Australian Christmas

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