‘Sugar is a poison’: Australian scientist says

The Australian Medical Association (AMA) has called on the Federal Government to withdraw the new regulations requiring Australian manufacturers to label all food and drink containing sugar, saying it will put Australians at risk.

Key points:The AMA says there are many other food products that contain the sugar in Australia, including wine and fruit juices, baked goods and baked goods with added sugarMixed beverages such as fruit juice and beer have already been banned by the Government, and will continue to be so under the new rulesFood producers, retailers and restaurants will have until January 1, 2020 to reduce their sugar content to 0.5 per cent or less by January 1st 2021.

There is a risk that some food and beverage manufacturers could use the date to push the sugar content up again, the AMA says.

“This is just a small step by the Australian Government towards making sugar-free products more accessible to the Australian consumer, and it’s a step in the right direction,” AMA chair Professor Stephen Jones said.

“It is an important step, but it is also a step away from the very real risks that can be posed by the sugar added to food.”

The new rules have been welcomed by the Food Standards Agency (FSA), which said they would help reduce sugar intake in the Australian population.

“The introduction of the new sugar-to-fat ratio rules was a long-awaited move to reduce the sugar-sweetened beverage consumption of Australian adults, children and young people,” FSA CEO Mark Bailey said in a statement.

“As part of our efforts to achieve our ambitious target of a 20 per cent sugar reduction by 2020, we are also working with our industry partners to ensure that the sugar that is used in our food is minimised.”

These new rules will help ensure that all food sold in Australia is of high quality, minimising the risk of health issues in our communities.”FSA is pleased to see the Government take a proactive approach to tackling the issue of sugar in food, with its announcement on January 1 this year.”

We hope that this action will help to reduce sugar consumption in Australia and we are looking forward to seeing the changes roll into other food categories.”‘

The government should be doing more’The Government should be more transparent and transparent about the impact of sugar, the American Academy of Pediatrics said in its statement.

Professor James Fauci, director of the division of nutrition science at Harvard School of Public Health, said there were many other foods in Australia that contain sugar in the form of added sugar.”

Professor Fauco said there are a number of factors that can increase sugar consumption, including a diet that is high in processed sugar, which is what we’re talking about with processed foods like fruit juices.””

So, if the government wants to reduce consumption of these products, it should be looking at those other products.”

Professor Fauco said there are a number of factors that can increase sugar consumption, including a diet that is high in processed sugar, which is what we’re talking about with processed foods like fruit juices.

“People who are consuming more refined sugars, like soft drinks and beer, are also more likely to be overweight,” he said.’

There is no such thing as a sugar-neutral diet’The AMA said it was important to look at the evidence for the health effects of sugar.

Professor Fausci said it is important to recognise that it was not possible to remove all sugars from food and therefore it was impossible to predict exactly what the effects would be.

“I think there’s no such one-size-fits-all approach to the issue,” he added.

“You can’t just take sugar and make it sugar-based, and that’s not what we need to do.”

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