What is the Safest Cooking Oil?

We all love the taste of Safest cooking oils and their high quality.

Now, it is time to find out what the most popular and the best cooking oil for you is.

Read More , the Safiest Cooking Oil Database (SMDB) has been released to the public.

It is an online database that lists the top selling cooking oils from across the globe.

The database includes more than 50,000 cooking oils that have been tested in various laboratories and can be compared with each other and the market.

Below is a list of the top 50 Safest, Best Selling, and Worst Selling cooking oils for 2017.

The Safest and Best Selling cooking oil lists are ranked by the average rating of the three ratings for each oil: the “High-quality” rating, the “Quality rating” and the “Good rating”.

The SMDB also includes ratings for other attributes like the safety, durability, and taste.

Below you can find the ratings of the 100 Safest , 50 Best Selling , and Worst Sellers cooking oils.

The ranking of the best and worst selling cooking oil is based on the average ratings for all the ratings.

The SMDB includes ratings of other attributes such as the safety and durability, taste, and other quality points.

For example, the rating for Safest High-Quality Cooking Oil is “Excellent” and that for Safes Best-Rated Cooking Oil, “Excellent”, “Excellent”.

The ratings of each cooking oil can be seen in the SMDB.

The ratings are calculated using the formula of: Average Rating = Ratings for a given rating × Total Number of Ratings in the Database.

The list of 100 Best Selling and 50 Safes best-rated cooking oils is as follows:

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