Marijuana oil: 10 things you need to know about the plant’s active ingredient

Health experts are concerned about the potential health risks of cannabis oil, and some have urged caution.

The plant, which is a narcotic, is legal in California and the U.S. but there are few laws regarding its use.

Many states have strict restrictions on the sale, distribution and use of the plant, including medical and recreational uses.

The state of Washington has already approved medical marijuana, and Alaska and Oregon have recreational pot laws.

Marijuana is a Schedule I controlled substance, meaning it has no medical value.

That means it has a high potential for abuse and no currently accepted medical use.

The Drug Enforcement Agency has been trying to find a way to classify the plant for decades.

“This is not the end of the world.

It’s just the beginning of it,” marijuana expert and marijuana researcher Sam Kamin told Business Insider.

“I think that’s the great thing about science.

The process is going to take time.”

The plant contains THC, the main psychoactive ingredient of marijuana.

That makes it a powerful medicine, but it has also been linked to other potentially harmful substances, such as the chemical benzoylecgonine, which can cause liver damage and a range of birth defects.

“It’s not the drug that’s going to kill you, but its potential to do that is very, very real,” said Dr. David Nutt, a psychiatrist and professor at Imperial College London.

“Marijuana is still widely available in the United Kingdom, Australia and other parts of Europe.

It could be a problem for people who don’t have access to legal marijuana.”

In the United States, the DEA has warned that marijuana may be linked to several other diseases, including aflatoxin, which may be responsible for an increased risk of death from aflatoxins.

There have also been reports of seizures associated with the use of marijuana, with some people claiming to have had seizures that were caused by the plant.

“If you’re using it for medical purposes, you need the best medical advice you can get,” said cannabis expert Dr. Brian Nosek, a former DEA agent who is now a medical marijuana advocate and professor.

“There’s a lot of people who are going to get a bad reaction to it.”

Dr. Nosek said the potential risk of serious side effects from cannabis is unknown, but warned against over-prescribing the plant in the U and U.K. “For me, the most important thing to do is get tested and find out what the science is and whether it’s safe for you,” he said.

He stressed that the use and consumption of marijuana should not be confused with alcohol.

Marijuana remains illegal under federal law.

Some states have legalized the use, cultivation and sale of medical marijuana.

However, states with recreational marijuana laws are still prohibited from allowing people to possess or cultivate marijuana.

It is also illegal for adults to possess and use marijuana in other states.

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