How to cook oil in the microwave

By now you’re probably well aware that you can make your own homemade cooking oil.

It’s actually easier than it looks, and the trickiest part is getting it to work. 

The process is pretty straightforward.

There’s a lot of cooking oil out there to choose from, so it can be a bit confusing, but if you’re a little rusty, it’s basically the same thing as this tutorial.

The ingredients You’ll need: A bowl or bowl set to make your oil.

A large, bowl sized pot with a lid. 

Some kind of dish soap (or dishwasher-safe dishwashing soap).

The water you want to use for cooking. 

You’ll want to make sure you have enough cooking oil for the whole pot.

You’ll also want to get the pot that’s going to be used for cooking oil to a pot that will hold enough water to cover the bottom of your bowl.

This will make the cooking water more efficient.

(Note: If you’re using a bowl that’s not meant for cooking, you can just make sure to use at least two bowls.)

Step 1: Get a bowl You’ll want the bowl that is going to hold the cooking oil in place.

This bowl should be a size that’s easy to scoop out, or at least make sure that it doesn’t slide around too much.

You can find these in a hardware store, or you can buy one of these from Amazon.

You want a bowl with a small bowl inside, which is about 2.5″x3.5″.

If you want the water to boil faster, you may want to set your pot aside and leave the bowl in the bowl to catch the steam.

You’ll also need to set aside some food.

If you’ve made any kind of food before, it will help to have some leftover.

Step 2: Make your oil Now that you’ve got the bowl, you’re going to add a couple of tablespoons of cooking water to the bowl and set it aside.

I normally use a 1/4 cup of water per tablespoon of cooking fat, so I add about a 1 cup of boiling water to each tablespoon of fat. 

Now, you’ll want a pot.

A pot will do a great job of keeping the water from going into your bowl, and you can also add some more cooking oil as needed.

Step 3: Set aside your pot This is where the magic happens.

Add about one tablespoon of oil to the bottom and set the pot aside.

Next, you want your oil to heat up in the pot.

Pour in the water and bring the temperature up to about 180 degrees F. When the water boils, the heat will turn into steam, and when the water comes back down to 180 degrees, the steam will stop.

This is called “chilling” and it takes a while for the oil to cook, so make sure it doesn.

It should be around two minutes of cooking time.

Step 4: Get the oil out of the bowl Once the water has boiled off, you should have a bowl full of oil.

The cooking oil is going in one of two ways.

Either by way of a spoon or spoonful of hot water.

To make the spoon method, just add about two tablespoons of oil into a bowl and stir until it comes out with a ball.

It’ll come out a bit thicker than the cooking fat in the first place, but it should still be fine.

To do the spoon, simply pour it into the bowl of oil and then pour it in.

You’re going for the “stick” method here, and it’s easiest if you pour the oil in one at a time, rather than one at the top of the pot as it will take longer for it to cool.

(If you’ve never made a spoon, it’ll take you about five minutes to figure out how to do it.)

To make it easier, I like to use a spoon as the “fishing line” to add the oil. 

Step 5: Place the oil on the pot I like my oil to sit on the bottom in the bottom half of the dish.

(This is to allow the cooking to finish while the water heats up.)

To do this, simply add one tablespoon or so of cooking fluid (I like about a tablespoon of each) into the pot and stir it around to coat the oil with cooking fat.

Now, pour the rest of the oil into the same pot.

(It’s best to do this by putting the pot on a table that’s flat, so that the oil can sit in a nice, even layer.)

Now, place the pot onto the burner.

Once it starts to boil, it should reach a temperature of about 190 degrees F, which should take about two minutes.

Once the oil has been heated, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem to just pull the pan off the burner and pour it back into the water.

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