Are You Afraid of the Vegetable?

The world has seen some scary moments in recent years, including the recent Fukushima nuclear disaster.

Now, the world’s top scientists are warning us to be on guard.

In this week’s edition of The World, science journalist Michael Shermer and food and food-related writer Amanda Miller discuss what we need to be wary of when it comes to eating meat.

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The World: The world’s leading food and science experts weigh in on the current state of the food industry.

This week, Michael Sherman of The New York Times writes that the food sector is experiencing a boom in the first half of 2017, which has led to a doubling in sales and a 50% increase in profits for the sector.

And now the scientists behind the best-selling book “Cooking Oil” are warning that a sudden surge in demand for oil-free cooking oil could be a bad thing for the future of our planet.

“The current supply of oil-less cooking oil is not enough to sustain a healthy, growing population,” writes Dr. Joseph A. Piazza, author of “The Cooking Oil Miracle,” in the book’s preface.

“A sudden increase in demand from consumers for oil from alternative sources like grapeseed oil or edible cooking oil may cause us to eat more of these unhealthy, expensive products, which will harm the environment, threaten our health, and destroy our livelihoods.”

The authors say the spike in demand is a symptom of an emerging food supply chain that is dominated by highly processed, genetically modified crops and a lack of diverse, locally grown foods that are grown for a specific purpose.

They warn that the demand for these crops could lead to more greenhouse gas emissions and a rise in food prices.

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Piacci and Piazzas are also joined by Samantha Bee of “Inside Amy Schumer,” who talks about how to keep your body in check while binge-watching the show.

“Amy Schumer is the best thing since sliced bread,” says Piaczas.

“She just has this incredible ability to make people laugh and she has an amazing ability to get people in their places and really get into it.”(Photo by: The New York Public Library)Listen now: In this week: What’s the biggest threat to the world? 

What is the worst threat to food? 

Where can you find food that’s 100% renewable? 

How to create a healthy lifestyle in just 5 minutes.

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