When a hot oil is added to a meal, it makes it taste better

By Nick Vittorio The Food and Drug Administration has approved a new, cheaper brand of hot oil for use in many household appliances.

The brand, Kanger, uses a special type of thermally charged oil called a hot-oil heat exchanger.

A typical appliance uses a gas-powered oven to heat a liquid that’s stored in a container called a container for hot oil.

The oil used in Kanger is made of a special kind of thermoplastic that can heat up to about 170 degrees Fahrenheit, and is able to be used in the microwave.

Kanger says it has been in production for more than a decade, and has been approved by the FDA for use on microwave ovens, dishwashers, and other appliances.

Kanger uses the heat exchangers in about a third of its products.

Kangers uses about 70 percent of the energy in its products, the company said.

Its heating oil, called Kanger’s hot oil, is not a heating oil that is “hot” as in it is heated by an oven or stove.

Instead, the heating oil uses a thermal-charge technology that allows it to heat up rapidly.

The heat exchilters are designed to allow the hot oil to be heated faster than a conventional oil that can be used on a stove or a stovetop.

Unlike other oils, hot oil does not need to be diluted before use.

Kanger said its new hot oil uses only the same kind of high-density polymers (HDP) as the ones used in many other household appliances, and that it is safer for people with asthma, heart problems, and allergies.

The company said it uses “safe and effective ingredients.”

The company says it is available in 25 different brands, and the brand’s website lists products in different regions.

The FDA is working with Kanger on a final approval.

The agency is still waiting for the company to submit new safety data from its initial safety review of its new heat-resistant heating oil.

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