How to save $10 in your next grocery trip: New York City

New York State’s marijuana legalization bill, which will go before voters on November 8, has been called the most important law in the nation’s history.

The bill, sponsored by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, has come under fire for its many loopholes and has already faced opposition from some politicians.

However, it also has a proven track record for being a positive step for the state.

According to the New York Times, Cuomo’s bill “is the biggest change in the state’s drug laws since it was passed in 1971.”

Under the bill, the possession and use of marijuana would be allowed in private homes, and those with a medical marijuana card would be able to grow their own.

The bill also allows doctors to prescribe medical marijuana and states could set their own regulations.

The Times article explains how the bill’s legalization comes at a time when the New England Patriots have been hit by criticism over the recent arrest of quarterback Tom Brady for allegedly using performance-enhancing drugs.

The NFL’s appeal of Brady’s suspension is currently being heard.

In addition to the Brady case, a New Jersey man was charged with possession of marijuana after a judge ruled he was not eligible for a conditional release, meaning he would have to serve time behind bars.

The New York Daily News reported that the state Department of Corrections has also issued an arrest warrant for another man accused of selling pot to the same judge.

In the past week, several other states have been pushing legislation to legalize marijuana.

On Monday, Alaska became the first state in the country to legalize recreational use, with Governor Bill Walker stating, “We are the first in the world.”

Other states are moving forward with their legalization efforts, including Colorado and Washington, D.C.

The Marijuana Policy Project says that legalization has a “long history in states around the country and in some cases, it has been the model for similar policies around the world.

A report released by the Drug Policy Alliance last year found that states where marijuana has been legalized have experienced lower rates of drug use, higher rates of incarceration, and lower rates for drug related fatalities.

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